Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sibu Kelongs are really closing down

It's now official... Sibu Kelongs will be officially closed this 6 October 2013 as Ah Fatt Kelong has posted on their Facebook that kelong will be closed this 6 October and torn down 7 October.... A kaki of mine called the other kelongs and it was the same for Ah Ngan (Wing Sing) kelong and Hotboys Kelong as well. The whole kelong saga has come to a sad ending and all of us will miss the fishing action and relaxation on the kelong.

The days of eging, selar jigging and saitoh jigging will be over. It was there that I caught my record size baktao and my record squid haul. It was also there that many strangers became my friends as we shared our fishing knowledge, tips and tricks.

And... the days of people searching Google for sibu kelong fishing will be over.... less traffic for my blog :(

Some of my memories at the kelong..... sigh.... it was probably the place where I pick up much interest in eging which led to my blog's name anyway. Guess next time have to go penyabong or aceh kelong or go chia soon kelong to bluff ourselves that we are in sibu. Anyone volunteer to bring the dinner bell?
 photo DSCN6700_zpsc334621c.jpg
Easy cleaning of catches at the sink area and of course the mandatory "how lian" hahahahah
 photo DSC106_zps725de162.jpg
Brought NS friends there. Their first time they caught alot of fish including Saitoh
 photo 181519_10150090913623174_630798173_6296019_4909849_n_zps0e24c070.jpg
Can wake up to this everyday
 photo SDC13315_zps88ebd952.jpg
Squids squids everywhere
 photo SDC12758_zps192ef863.jpg
Record catch 83 squids...
 photo SDC12753_zps5a996234.jpg
Shy shy
 photo SDC12701_zps071c89cd.jpg
Squid thumbs up
 photo SDC11864_zps9ad8da98.jpg
Another baktao
 photo P1010080_zpsc8160f07.jpg
Squid gaff and squids
 photo 23_zps35306096.jpg
Day time baktao was very common
 photo e_zps316edbb0.jpg
My partner in crime, momok
 photo SDC11538_zpsf6417ed7.jpg
Baktao head design
 photo SDC11535_zps290f0624.jpg
The alien spaceship
 photo SDC11481_zps38cc2a47.jpg
Happy times...3kg
 photo DSCN7028_zps3b4fdd5a.jpg
Every angler will recognise the "selar tangle" hahahahaha

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