Thursday, May 16, 2013

Short Visit to TCE Tackles

I had some time to visit TCE Tackle the other day and I found some pretty good cheap jigs that are worth a try. To find out how to get to TCE Tackles, visit my other post here. Address and guide to TCE Tackles can be found there.

With tackle shops like Hock Ann sports, Five Dots closing down, it is graet that we have TCE Tackles and the recently rebranded Surecatch's Catchbay at 30 Ubi Road.

I've always been a fan of affordable and effective goods. When I saw some of the Bakau range of jigs, I had no doubt that these will likely have a high chance to be effective especially at some of our light jigging areas like Pekan and Rompin. Here's some pictures of the jigs that I found interesting.

 photo IMG_00001330_zps414cba88.jpg
This jig was a little similar to the Ima gune. Flat profile!
 photo IMG_00001333_zps48ce4064.jpg
Does this remind you of the sevenseas hooker anathan?
 photo IMG_00001334_zps27ab390d.jpg
reminds me of technic GT jack
 photo IMG_00001332_zpsa362fadc.jpg
Another interesting profile design
 photo IMG_00001331_zps436e2be9.jpg
Baku range of jigs
Other than that, TCE Tackles sell a range of other brands like Ajiking, Tomman, Banax, Xpuyu etc. Seasoned anglers will remember the Lemax and St Croix brand as well. It's one of the tackle shops that are located in the west so if any west side anglers need a quick shop for essential items like sinkers, this is the place to go to!

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