Thursday, December 20, 2012

Anglers Work's Shikyo 3000

I'm not much of a technical person when it comes to reels but I stumbled upon this reel the other day when cleaning out my closet. It highly resembles the Daiwa reel design from the handle to the body! I personally thought it was a Daiwa Caldia Kix from afar!

Anyway, this cheap $10 reel intrigued me and although I'm not a competent person when it comes to opening and servicing fishing reels, I gave it a go... The internals of this reel was damn bad. Rust was all over everywhere the drag pads, handle, spool... but surprisingly, the gears of the reel were spotless and still had some grease on it. I brushed and washed the rusty parts down with lighter fluid and applied some penn reel grease to the metal parts.

The drag pads were alright but probably need replacement as they are worn out when the reel was stored and the drag was set to max.

The handle is similar to the Daiwa handle although the shaft seems a little longer. I managed to fit in my Daiwa Tierra handle to the Shikyo's Body!

If you're looking for oils and greases for your fishing reels, most tackle makers have reel oil/greases. From the Quantum Hot sauce to the Penn, Shimano, Daiwa performance, Abu Garcia reel oil and greases....

All prepared for normal usage pending carbontex drag upgrades, handle upgrades, stainless steel bearings or boca bearings upgrades.... hehehe...

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