Monday, August 13, 2012

Fisherplan Tackleshop at Pekan Pahang

I've recently came back from Pekan from some fishing. I've had a friend who wanted a taste of the famous sailfish so since we had a last minute slot, we brought him there. Yes, I do not go to Rompin for Sailfish but to Pekan because I am so familiar and attached with the place. Other than the Sailfish, we had some squid as well.

My favourite captain has setup a mini tackleshop in his own house - Fisherplan tackle. He has stocked the place with various essentials like jigs (asari cast fighters, pinktails etc), williamsom jet poppers, mainline like fireline and even shock leaders. There are also owner fishing gloves, fishing hooks, reels etc etc. Those that are familiar with light jigging should be familiar with the Eupro Twincraft and Salty Fighter which is also on display.

It's a good place to get some fishing essentials when you're up and about the area especially if your lures and jigs are lost to toothy critters like spanish macks!  Do visit the place if you need light jigging stuff!

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