Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Deep Sea Tackle Sales

If you frequent beach road for fishing tackle shopping, you will be familiar with Deep Sea Tackle. They sell a mish mash of tackles there and generally anything from rods, reels and lures/jigs. They also sell a good range of terminal tackles like sinkers, swivels, split rings, sabiki jigs, pliers.

This tackle shop in Singapore is mostly known for it's Asari Inchiku Jigs, Asari Cast fighters (smith metal forcast copy) and Asari Madai Jigs. They also have the Asari Pinktails, Angler Pals deflector jigs, surecatch flasher jigs and technic jigs like the technic GT Jack. They tend to have some premium products here and there like the Yozuri Metallic Sardines, Shout Assist hooks,

They are now having 30% sales if you get x amount of items. I'm not too sure about what is on sale but it's virtually anything since i went down last week and i got some jigs, lures etc at 30%. Pretty good price on the Asari Pinktail after discount...

It's a nice shop that have been there for sometime and I'm not sure why they are having this sale but it's a good chance to get some good stuff if you know what to look for. I hope they're not closing down but more of clearing stock!

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