Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just a few weeks back i made a usual grocery shopping trip to Bukit Panjang NTUC and i would always check out the small fishing section that they have. It is always disappointment as the terminal tackles, reels and lures there are priced very steeply. But i was mildly pleased when i saw that NTUC has now brough in the Surecatch Flasher jigs at a steep but still affordable price. They are selling the 40g, 60g, 80g and they even have my favourite light blue colour!

The Surecatch flasher jig is a well known proven jig that has produced good resulst for the local and regional fishing scene. In fact, i think Sky Chong went on a recent New Zealand fishing trip and caught some Kingfish/Snapper with it! The jig may be popular and effective but it is still priced very cheaply. I used it as "fodder" when toothy fish like the spanish mackerals or batang are around as there is no point sacrificing your more expensive jigs like the Ima gune!

The jig can be worked flowly to flutter or it may be worked fast to attract fast hitting fish but i personally prefer moderate working with perfect consistency during repetition to get a hit. I find that if you work this jig consistently, you will feel that it is very easy to work. But change the stock hooks though as they are not very well made to stand big fishes!

They have also brought in the fake surecatch giron swimbait lure and the surecatch Gamma 3000 overhead reel. View the blur pictures for the prices and information.

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