Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Preparing for Malaysia Desaru Johor Freshwater Luring Trip

Ok guys i'll have a freshwater luring trip to Malaysia Desaru on one of the Johor river coming up soon. I'm kinda excited about it. It will be my first freshwater luring trip on a boat. The main attraction of doing this would be that we can access many spots in the river and that the type of weeds and natural environment is breath taking...

I bought many weedless frogs and some spinnerbaits etc in anticipation of the trip... Hehehe...

Soft and sharp hooks komatsu frog from sincere tackles... Scumfrog... Hinomiya...

A cute squirrel lure from Sincere...

Frogs and spinner baits from TCE Tackle

Barbless hook concept.... not sure it will work lol

of course im bringing up the rest of my freshwater lures as well ... hehehe

Did this for fun... the BAKTAO COLLECTIOn... for men only... lol

Wish me luck!

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Paddy Pike said...

The Spinner bait with the two disk blades on it {Buzz Bait} is my favourite, Then i noticed the BAKTAO COLLECTION. The are real winners, Good luck and dont forget to use a slow sinking jerk bait,
Hope you do well and have good weather,
Tight Lines and Screeming Reels,