Monday, December 19, 2011

GUSA 79XF 10 - 25lbs, 7"9, Spinning For Sale (SOLD!!!)

Model : GUSA 79XF 10 - 25lbs, 7"9, Spinning
Components: Fuji guides and reel seat
Sports handle seperated by a screw on nut. A very nice piece of design that is special.

Bought it from another kaki who didn't used it at all. I only used it once for casting some poppers.

Probably near mint condition. Guides are in mint condition. Almost no scratches on blank.

Viewing with no obligation is i believe that height of the rod is a stumbling block for some kakis.

Great for medium light popping at Rompin, Pekan or even shore casting. Toman popping may also be a great idea.

At the price i am selling, it's an unbeatable deal for a rod that beats factory made rods for the same price.

Price : $200 Cash n Carry non neg. Reserve only for kakis that place deposit.

Collect at Bukit Panjang. PM me with contact. Thanks!!!

1 comment:

Paddy Pike said...

Thats some rod mate,
It would cost a kings ransom over here,