Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shopping at Sincere Tackle

ok guys i'll be doing up the NZ fish CR Part 1 and 2 over the next few days including TWO Changi Offshores. All these exclude short luring trips this few days including this weekend because i am going KTM Resort for some eging!

So do be patient and check back often this few weeks because it's gonna be a busy period on my blog!!!

I went to Sincere tackles the other day to shop and oh my they are now also into micro jigging. They have a good range of micro jigging stuff from unknown funny "Japanese brands" to Asari etc etc.

I got a few jigs that i liked... the Asari cast fighter 40g which is an exact copy of the Smith Forcast but at half the price! They have 8g to 100g if im not wrong. I got an angler's pal angler killer as well and the new thunder jig by Storm. Check out this link for Storm thunder jig

Tightlines everyone!


ED said...

That's the prob. These jigs often 'hook' the angler before they even hook a fish.

Nigel said...

lol i agree bro... i agree...