Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bucks Mini Reel

Another post as i prepare my long winded catch report on Tanjong Pinang, Bintan.

Here's a reel that i ordered in too. I'll have to get a super light but tough bc rod for this baby... I'm planning to use it for some light Changi offshore hahaha... I'll try loading it with 6lbs braided or mono line...

It's small, it doesn't have a smooth drag if i turn the drag on too fast. But it should suffice for some fun fishing. It's cheap and small.... Can't expect much!





Paddy Pike said...

I think i would use the Braided Line as you will get a few more meters on with the smaller diameter, I have used a similar reel in the past, They are great fun,

jali jenggo said...

Where did u get this reel bro? Very cute! haha