Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Albright Knot

The albright knot is one of my favourite knots mainly because it is very easy and quick to tie. It can be used to join mono line to braided line. It can be useful when you are in a rush or you are at a bumpy boat and want to get your leader up fast. I find that it works better with lines with thicker diameters e.g 50lbs braided with 60lbs mono.

It is one of those knots that will not slip if you tie it well so i guess it's practice makes perfect.

I use the albright alot for tieing steel wire lines to mono lines. Take note though if you're using very thick wire, a few turns will do. So far this way has not failed me and i have no slippages yet.

Here's a video on how to tie it...


Fish Whisperer said...

Have you tied the UNi to Uni? It is even easier and almost never fails. I used to tie the Albright but I found the braid cutting the mono under strain.

Paddy Pike said...

I have been useing this for years, Very seldom lets you down if ever,

Nigel said...

Hi Fishwhiperer

I usually tie the albright using thicker lines. I find that the braided line cuts the mono for thinner lines. Other than that with a little fluid in between the knots, it is okay for me. Ive tried uni to uni but albright is my first knot so im better at it hehe.

Hi Paddy

Thanks for the comments. Good luck fishing!