Saturday, November 20, 2010

Punggol Pro Pond

Some updates Punggol Pro pond released around 10 pcs big kims around the 4 - 8 kg range straight into the pond from their lorry. They also had 3 - 5 kg MJs released straight. The fight of the fishes there are strong. Keke... I got one Kim which was around 5 or 6 kg which took my live prawn near the fish release net structures. It gave a scary time with my light tackle kekeke...

Only 1 pc was landed by me and the rest are still inside! They should be fully accustomed to the water by now! 


zy said...

Hey bro, where is this punggol pro pond! =D

Nigel said...

punggol track 24.

See ac blog for directions ya