Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lures and Terminal Tackle

Brought in some Rapala Rattlin RNR5 lures. These are effective lures for any location. I love the baby bass colours.


Also went to Daiso to get this double sided $2 box. They have many colours and i think it is quite useful as it has many comparments.



Will be selling some loose and excess lures soon to cover my cost of postage for bringing in the stuff.

Oh yes, we'll planning a trip to Sibu Kelong during the Christmas period. 25 - 27 December 2010. Let me know if you're interested and I'll try my best to slot you in. It's around 170 - 180 SGD per pax everything in depending on how many people we can gather. Pickup location suited to accommodate the bulk of the kakis.

The monsoon season is a great time for Selar jigging, Giant Cuttlefish(baktao) jigging and for bigger fishes like Cobia, Macks and Trevally as the weather forces baitfish to take cover below the kelong. Email me if interested. If you're someone new, an deposit is required.


ED said...

The Daiso compact tackle boxes are great. I bought several black ones myself.

Paddy Pike said...

Love the colours nigel, But the lures are great, Just bought ten new ones myself, Good luck for the weekend Nigel,