Monday, June 7, 2010

Pandan Reservoir Active, Beautiful and Clean Project Completion Ceremony-Fishing Competition

Date : 25th July 2010
Time : 0900 to 1200
Sponsors : Rapala VMC Asia Pacific
Event Organizer : E-waves Fishbyte
Co-Organizers : Fishing Affairs, Sport Fishing Workshop
Joint Organizer : Ayer Rajah West Coast GRO

Prizes :
Heaviest Catch: 1 set of Okuma fishing Reel & Rapala Rod
Most Number of Catches: 1 set of Okuma fishing Reel & Rapala Rod

Registration fee : $5 at E-waves Fisfbyte for more details information Tel: 65670807/67771068

Shall we participate? Alan? Momok? Kekeke... Let's form up a team... called Team Orh Peh...


Alan chan said...

I rather go after the com lol.

Taufik Sardon said...


Taufik Sardon said...