Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daiso Hologram Tapes

My Pekan trip is coming soon so i spent today preparing my items for the trip. I'll be targetting sailfish with bait and jigging for other fishes during my trip. I tied a few assist hooks using the simple method from acfishing.

Took my time today and even managed to find time to load PE 3 Varivas Avani jigging line into my new Daiwa Caldia Kix 3000. I realised something strange though because the Caldia Kix 3000 can take 200m of PE 3 line but i somehow only managed to get just nice 150m of line in although i respooled the line a few times.

Anyway, after that i notice my split ring plier is with ah girl so i did not manage to clip my split rings onto my jigs but i took out the Daiso Holographic and decoration tapes i bought the other day.

I decorated some of my jigs because the other side of it was quite plain looking. Those jigs which paintwork has fallen off i just pasted some tape and at least it was better than before. The tapes come in many colours and i guess it will not fall off so easily if you stick it nicely because it is quite sticky.

Here's my experiment for the trip... Kekeke...

Can't wait for next saturday. Im all prepared for eging too... Hehehe...

Actually i thought of the funny idea of bringing rubbers up to try... If i have time to go beach road i just might go get some rubbers to bounce there!

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