Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Try This Software: Digital Photo Resizer

I have been testing a software recently and the result of that is the funky watermark at some of my latest pictures. Kekeke...

This software is none other than the Digital Photo Resizer -.-".

Have you ever faced hundreds of photos and dread at the task of resizing each and everyone manually? You're saved! With this software, i can resize all my big photos at once.

Digital Photo Resizer quickly and accurately resizes a mass of photos at no cost to quality all at once. One of the problems with many photographic software packages is you cannot quickly resize many photos at the same time. This simple easy-to-use tool does it all for you in a couple of easy steps. The application creates slidecshows, screensavers, and Web sites, and photo image and text watermarking. It can FTP upload generated Web sites and images.

Version 2006 adds support for TIFF image format and enhances 'Search for file', 'File properties', and 'Print' options.

Try the software now. Download it at

P.S The free version is pretty limited. If you would like a full version, you must buy it but of course you can MSN me for something nice and free...

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