Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hooks 4 Offshore

My offshore trip is next week can you feel the excitement i am having. Kekeke... Anyway, just a simple post to showcase what hooks i will be using. A new addition to the squad are the Decoy Hayabusa Octopus hooks 2/0. I'll be using them to target the parrots. You need some good strong hooks so that the parrots cannot bully you... So far ive tried Owner and Sasame hooks for parrots but now i'll be trying this Hayabusa!

The other hooks are showcase below...


Btw, i am a great fan of Sasame hooks especially the Chinkatsu and Kamikaze series but recently their things getting more expensive so i got more Owner hooks this time... Sigh... Why fishing so expensive one?

Good quality hooks are needed when fighting the damn kelong parrots... even if the hook don't give way, the parrot beak can simply bite into your hooks and break them... Their beak even more solid than the Pacu.

Come next week, ill be doing up my assist hooks and jigs... Kekeke...

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