Tuesday, March 31, 2009

VFox Squid Jigs...

Momok are you looking...

I was around Yishun area today for work so i thought might as well pop down to this Team 7 because i never been there before. To my suprise, there are some interesting things in that shop. First of all was the wide series of Shimano offshore rods. I spotted the new Speedmaster rod, Exage boatrod and some Shimano S Series... They were pricey though...

Anyway, walked around and i saw that 7 Seas had a huge amount of Squid Jigs. They brought in the Yozuri Aora and they have a good selection of JM too... Not to mention they also had the nice squid jigs Alan bought at Riverland. Momok would be interested in their Yamashita Egi O Q KOGU and the Yamashita Egi Oh Q SEN.

Oh ya they actually have some Cofita Green arrow back for sale too... Kekeke... These are a killer for the squid under situation that you only use a size 2.5.

Anyway, what i got was the VFOX Squid Jig. At around $3.20, it gave me a free squid cap... The jig was made of okok only materials but i got a feeling it might be a good budget yet entry level squid jig... Hmmm... Better grab em fast... I think there's only 1 or 2 pinkies left on the shelf.



Oh ya also spotted a few collectable items... This cute frog caught my eye... Think more for fengshui then fishing!!!


I'll be heading to Team 7 again to stock up on some of their jigs... Saw some pretty interesting jigs that were cheap yet looks good.

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