Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kelong Sotong Lobang

Hi friends out there, this is just a small lobang for baktao-rians. Now is the monsoon season and Kelong Sotong is not easy to get. All 5 of my best supplier are down as most of them get their squid from overseas.

So i found out BornToFish has good stock of fresh Kelong Sotong because their squids come from Tekong so its not affected by monsoon. They are selling it at $32/kg. It's abit expensive but it is quite fresh and there is still a tint of green on the squids eyes. I myself had bought 1.5kg for my offshore trip. Anyway, they are selling it in plastic containers of 500g each.

Go get yours now!

P.S If you dont know where BornToFish is, find the address in the Tackle Listings on the left of my blog.

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