Sunday, January 4, 2009

Disastrous Southern Island Trip

Its a disaster yesterday at Southern Islands. The wind was howling the moment we drop our lines to the morning. It reminded me of my last Changi trip but with even stronger wind!

First spot at Mano Wreck and i was quite optimistic having had some power takes at this wreck. There was one boat which fought a ray for around 2 hours before calling over on the radio to tell us it was 40kg. I wonder how they weigh the ray... Haha

The wreck failed to produce and we went to Bukom during midnight... Same thing here. The whole night we only managed to catch one squid due to strong winds and murky water.

Anyway, it was a bad catch for the whole night and i suspect many boats had zeros too. The fishes simply weren't biting due to the cold water. We only managed to get one belt fish, one small grouper and a deep sea Kim. Looks like im going to boycott local night trips for awhile!

Oh yes, i saw the Born To Fish Kelong Sotong when i opened it up yesterday. It is super fresh and worth every penny for its price! The greenish tinge is seen in every squid. Sizes are very good too... From 2 inches to 5 inches!

My next trip to Southern's is on 18 Jan with Ah Eng. Hopefully... We get something!

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