Thursday, February 21, 2019

Prawning Family Day at Hai Bin Punggol

Keen on prawning events? Here's one that Safra is organising and is coming up. Seems like Non-Safra members are also welcome.

Copied and pasted the information here:

Get ready for some good old-fashioned, Singapore-style fun with your family at SAFRA Family Day Out Prawning Challenge 2019! This popular weekend get-together activity helps bring families a step closer to nature and is a crowd-pleaser be it for the young or the old.

Take part in our Families for Life Prawning Challenge and bond together with your little one as you teach them the ropes of being patient, from waiting for the catch to feasting on freshly-cooked prawns!

Always skilled at carnival games? Try your luck at our game booths and stand a chance to attractive prizes!

Look forward to other activities which include Families for Life 365 Talk, Nature crafting workshop and many more.

With activities catering to all age groups, grab your family and friends down for an afternoon of fun!
All SAFRA Family Package sign-ups are entitled to one SAFRA Family Day Out Goodie Bag worth $25.00.

You can find more information here:

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