Friday, November 29, 2013

Just like Old Times

It was back in the heydays of 2012 that we even managed to bowl ourselves out of bed. The heydays of 2012 were a boil of excitement but it was something that didn't boil over nor reach fruition before we simply gave up. But then again, we are Boatman Shawn and the famous Baktao, our passion for fishing was limitless and our hearts, as always, were full of good confidence.

So we slugged our way there...

Such was the rustiness of the anglers that we found accommodating to the humid tropical weather tough. Every uphill was a battle and every downhill was like the tender bottom of a newborn. No matter though because once Shawn and me started luring properly (without catching tree fishes and stuff), we got it going again! I had my tricks up my arsenal this time including the Storm Super Skarp which produced excellent results on the drop. I managed to hit good distances on the jig and let the jig's sexy curving falls tempt the fishes into taking them!

Temensis schools were crazy about anything!

Oh yeah good fight on the Shimano Bassrise!

Shawn as usual with his Tobimaru...

Storm Super Skarp being a new must have in my tackle box...

The largest of the trip! A 7lb-er!

Picture that speaks volumes eh?

Giant took the fly infront of me!

Flies working always!

This place is due a visit again...


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