Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tairua, New Zealand Kingfish Trip With Epic Adventures Toby Kemp!

Alright guys, here is the video compilation i made of our short video footages of our Kingfish adventure trip over at Tairua, New Zealand. It's nothing to shout about and just some home made video but hope it gets you excited and gives you the feeling of being there!

I'll be doing up the catch report over these few days and it will be done in three parts! Food, Fishing In Tairua and Fishing In Tutukaka!

Stay tuned guys! Can't wait to share with you all out here...

Epic Adventures Sanity with Toby Kemp Fishing Part 1

Epic Adventures Sanity with Toby Kemp Fishing Part 2

1 comment:

Paddy Pike said...

Those yellow fin dont half put a bend in the rod, Fantastic fishing, Could only get the first film to play so will have another go at part two later,

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