Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stingray On Crab Net

Behold the almost impossible whilst i was doing some fun crabbing today.

I brought my brother to a spot that i think will hold some nice mud crabs but its just an experiment so no high hopes. First hour, managed to get hold of some small mud crabs. This was a good sign because if there are small ones, there will be big ones too.

During the next hour, i retrieved the nets and one of my nets had something biggggg... I was so excited when i could feel the bugger struggling... This was a big mama...

When it was halfway up, i saw a brownish tinge and the surface area of the "Crab" looked big alright. Hoisted it up and called my brother over for help...

All to realise it was...

Brother says "What is that?!?!"

Me "Is that a leaf"

Seconds later it was on the ground flipping... Both of us staring at it...


My first stingray on crab net... Buahahaha...Well it's not impossible because i caught a Lai Mung on crab net once but hey its still something.

Anyway, back to the crabbing. Throughout the whole trip, we were getting small mud crabs but not a single biggie... There were only 2 flower crabs caught. The area might be more productive during the night or the estruary might just be too shallow.

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Alan chan said...

good lor like that also can hahahaha

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