Friday, January 2, 2009

Squid Jigs and Froggies

Hmmm today Weiyee gave me a call and told me he wanted to go down Sea Tackle today to see their Yozuri lures. He's looking for some old Yozuris so i met him up at Kallang and we went to look see look see.

Hmmm Sea Tackle is stocking up on the so called new generation of egi by Yozuri. I saw a few pcs Yozuri Aurie Q and Pheromone change colour squid jig. Anyways, i bought some cute cute squid jig that i want to add to my squid jig collection... Its my new hobby. Kekeke...

Cute Squid Jig




Anyway, i saw some froggie and that reminded me of the Snakehead video i saw at Alan's place the other day... I chose some and grabbed 2 pcs to test it out next time. I actually have a funny idea i am going to try it at FW3 at the "pacu" spot and test out whether anything will hit the frog. That will be fun.

Froggie Mania

Chose this two

Weiyee bought some old crystal minnow and a tobimaru i think... Me i bought the below... Kekeke...

Oh ya Joe just brought in some Seahawk Pop Froggies. Its a popper with froggie shape and even the frog legs. Hmmm im going to buy some and try too... Kekeke...

Pop Froggie

P.S Alan i saw a few pcs of your favourite Yozuri green arrow head with pink body squid jig at Sea Tackle. I think size 3.0 and 3.5...Hmmm...

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